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Our Spa Concepts

Cryolipolysis (Fat-freezing)

Just like kool-sculpting, freezing temperatures are applied to targeted areas to initiate cell death. 

Cryolipolysis vacuums target area into the cooling cavity. 


"Up-Lift" non-surgical face lift using high intensity focused ultrasound. 

HiFu applies focused ultrasound energy to a depth of 2-5 mm locally targeting deeper tissues which stimulates collagen regeneration. ​

Skin Rejuvenation 

  • Skin Rejuvenation

    • Acne Treatment.

  • Pigmentation Treatments

    • Freckles

    • Age Spots

    • Sun Spots

    • Scars

  • Vascular Treatment

    • Red Capillaries​​

Light and heat promote collagen growth to correct skin concerns and create younger smoother looking skin.

Facial Treatment
Spa Setting

Laser Hair Removal

Pulsed light and radio frequency heat up the hair, the heat travels through the shaft and down to the follicle damaging it, which inhibits it from producing new hair.


Pressotherapy is a modern, effective and painless lymphatic drainage method with a strong therapeutic effect in the treatment of cellulite and fatty deposits in the body.

Alpha Spa Capsule​

The luxurious environment provided by the Alpha Spa System enhances the effectiveness of a wide variety of spa treatments including weight loss/slimming body, toning, body sculpting, and relaxation.


Acoustic Shockwave Therapy

Also known as shock wave therapy.  Heat targets and destroys fat cells. AWT creates a build-up of heat energy in the fat cells and collagen strands, which are effectively

destroyed by the heat. 

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