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This is worth reading before you buy Orthotics.

Why are our custom made orthotics different than 98% of the rest of the custom made orthotics out there?  Why are they better?

  • First of all when you have foot, ankle, knee, hip, low, mid, upper back pain that is a sign that you could have a problem which could be fixed with custom made orthotics because your feet are the foundation and support of your entire body.​​

  • Orthotics have been made the same way for almost 100 years  but only because we didn’t know any better, therefore its really no ones fault.

  • When you go to a place that makes orthotics the first thing they do is make an impression or casting of your feet either by foam, plaster of paris or electronic (digital) casting.​​​

  • However STOP and think about it they are really just taking an impression or casting your misaligned feet which are the cause of your problem. So they are only going to hold those misaligned feet in that misaligned position to slow down the progression of them getting worse over time.​

  • They are not IMPROVING them.

Foot Pain
Ladies Fashion Orthotics

What do we do that is different?

  • Well first you fill in a health case history which we evaluate and then we examine the feet visually, electronically and manually (using our hands) and we do many various tests looking for misalignment, twisting, torquing, callouses, bunions, etc.​

  • We also do both visual and electronic gait analysis and examine existing shoes and orthotics to look for clues as to what is CAUSING your problems.​

  • Then we undertake corrections before we take impressions and before you are allowed to stand up and throw everything out of alignment again. In other words we correct the problems first.​

  • We now take the impressions non weight bearing.

  • ​When you come to pick up your orthotics 7-10 days later we now place them in your shoes and you step into them.

  • ​At this point your body weight and gravity forces everything downward continuously and now the bones of your feet take the shape of the orthotics which were cast while your feet were in a properly aligned position. The intrinsic muscles in your body which are working all the time to keep you straight and erect now help the ankle joint re-align with the bones of the feet, the knee joint re-aligns with the ankle, the hip joint re-aligns with the knee, the low back re-aligns with the hip and this continues all the way up to the neck. So now you have less wear and tear on all of your joints, less work for your muscles to keep you properly aligned (therefore you are less tired and fatigued, more energy) and healing can take effect rather then continued wear and tear and degeneration.

We feel that once you know this why would you ever want your orthotics done the old way.

You can call us and come in for a free consultation and evaluation for you and your family.

Allignment diagram


Prevention is much easier than correction 

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