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Laser Tattoo Removal

How Does It Work?


During a tattoo removal procedure, laser light is applied to the tattooed area of the skin. The light is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, leaving the surrounding skin tissue and chromophores unharmed.


The tattoo ink particles absorb the laser energy, heat up, and shatter into smaller ink particles. Days after laser treatment, the body’s immune system flushes away the shattered ink particles, causing the tattoo to fade. Over a series of treatments, more and more of the ink shatters, leaving the skin ink free.

Tattoo Removal
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It’s fast. What sets our laser treatment apart from other laser treatments is the accelerated ability to perform: shattering ink molecules in trillionths of a second.  Our treatment uses ultra-short bursts of energy on skin to remove tattoos and benign pigmented lesions.


It’s precise. With a pulse width that is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology, our laser is spot-on. This technology has an improved photo-mechanical impact and better clearance – offering finer results with fewer treatments. Whether your tattoo is black, blue or green, we will can clear it up without injuring the surrounding skin.

Tattoo Removal Diagram

Recommended Treatment

The size, age, type, colour, depth of the tattoo pigment, and colour of the skin will impact the number of treatments necessary. 


Typically between 5 to 10 visits. However, our trained technicians will discuss your personal situation and advise you on the best process.

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