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Do you want to lose that excess fat?

Look at our Excess Fat Reduction Program





Our fat reduction methods do not require you worrying about needles piercing through your skin. 


We have three effective fat reduction treatments available for you at the lowest rate. With our Excess Fat Reduction program, you get LipoLaser, Cryolipolysis (fat-freezing), and Liposonics,

all in one package for only $695/- + HST.

The most affordable deal you can ever get, here in your local area, London, ON.

What our Excess Fat Reduction Program can do?

  • Fat reduction in your tummy area:

Tummy tuck surgeries can cost a fortune. Worried about extra needles and stitches? Cut down on those extra bulges, love-handles, and muffin tops non-surgically, with our 3-Way package at Laser Concept Therapy.

  • Fat reduction in your thighs:

Usually, fat and cellulite gets accumulated at the thigh areas. Getting rid of those excess complex tissues could be frustrating with all the exercise and fancy diets that you follow. And, yet, you don’t get the desired results. With our program, you can reduce fat in your thigh area.

  • Fat reduction in your arms:

It is possible to remove those flabs in your arms with our three effective methods for fat reduction. With these non-invasive & non-surgical methods, get wonderful arms for the summer.

What are these 3 essential treatments and how will they help you?

  • Lipolaser

Lipolaser will help you to tighten and tone your skin, making you feel and look younger and rejuvenated.

  • Liposonics

Liposonics kills those complex fat cells permanently without the feeling of needles and knives piercing through your skin.

  • Cryolipolysis (Fat-freezing)

This method freezes (crystallizes) your fat cells initiating cell death. Your body naturally eliminates the dead cells through your body lymphatic system. 


Rules to follow: find out if you are eligible

  1. Be able to "pinch-an-inch" (2.5 cm) of fat in the treatment area​;

  2. Have a body mass index (BMI) equal to or less than 25. Don't know your BMI, use our BMI Calculator;

  3. Have good overall health​;

  4. Have realistic expectations about the results.

Excess Fat Reduction is not recommended for:

  • Obese Patients 

This procedure is a fat-freezing strategy, but it’s not meant for obese people. Patients with body fat that covers most of their bodies won’t see the best results from Excess fat reduction treatments. Clinics use this treatment in order to target problem areas that won’t disappear with everyday exercise and dieting. Obese people should look toward a lifestyle change like our ChiroThin™ Weight Loss Program before trying any cosmetic dermatology procedures. Without a healthy lifestyle, any fat-freezing procedure will fail as adipose tissue continues to expand with poor lifestyle choices.

  • Expecting Mothers

Laser Concept Therapy won’t perform this procedure on pregnant women. These patients’ bodies are focused on developing the fetus. By performing the procedure on them, the body’s resources are diverted away from the baby. Extensive testing hasn’t been performed on pregnant women in regards to their responses to fat-freezing procedures either. Also, fat cells actually nourish the fetus and cushions them from life’s bumps in the womb. For this reason alone, doctors suggest waiting until after the pregnancy and the normal recovery period before having any type of fat reduction procedure performed.

  • Patients Requiring Fast Results 

Freezing fat off for a slimmer figure may seem like a dream come true, but it’s not a rapid solution to weight loss. This reason alone may have a patient asking the question, does cryolipolysis really work? If patients want an instantly thin body, they need to seek out other procedures. Fat-freezing procedures target adipose tissue. After the treatment, the body actually removes the fat by using its waste systems. Over several weeks, the fat eventually sloughs off through normal elimination pathways. Candidates with patience are a much better fit for this procedure.

  • Eating Disorder History 

Although cosmetic procedures are entirely voluntary, clinics must still adhere to specific rules when they treat patients. If a potential patient has a history of eating disorders, these candidates are often denied the procedure. It’s in the best interest of the patient to deal with the psychological side to these disorders instead of encouraging the practice. An even thinner body from the procedure might prompt a patient to continue with a harmful, eating disorder.

  • Patients with Recent Surgeries 

Recent surgeries, especially in the treatment area, can compromise the procedure while complicating a patient’s overall health. Our technicians will interview patients about previous surgeries. If the surgical site is still healing, the procedure must be put off. In some cases, the treatment cannot be performed for many months until the body is strong enough. Although this procedure is non-invasive, the body must still endure some stress in order to remove the tissue by natural processes.

For those, who aren’t eligible for our Excess Fat Reduction program, don’t just lose your hopes. At Laser Concept Therapy, we have our ChiroThin™ program for your weight-loss and fitness needs.


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