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Cellulite Reduction

Acoustic wave therapy is non-invasive & non-surgical.

How Does It Work?

Acoustic wave therapy creates a build-up of heat energy in the fat cells and collagen strands, which are effectively destroyed by the heat.


The body’s own healing process then begins, which means that the fatty acids and fat cells are naturally passed out through the lymphatic system and excreted by the body.


As collagen strands are damaged, they begin to rebuild and skin becomes smoother and tighter in the treated area.


Following treatment, the skin and skin’s tissue become more permeable, so that the fluids as well as the toxins within fat cells can be released and excreted more efficiently by the lymphatic system.  


Skin will be smooth and wrinkle and dimple free, and contour can be returned to the body. 

Acoustic Shockwave diagram
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Targeted fat reduction

Acoustic energy is delivered to the targeted area, which then creates heat and stimulates the breakdown of fat, (which is metabolized by the body), lymphatic drainage and the formation of new collagen for improved skin tone and firmness.

Benefits of acoustic wave therapy​

  • Long term results;

  • No actual weight-loss, only cellulite; 

  • Non-surgical treatment;

  • No side effects;

  • Increased cell permeability; 

  • Improved body contouring over traditional liposuction;

  • Smooth, predictable results in all areas of body;

  • No down time;

  • Performed by our team of experienced professionals.

Recommended treatment

Results are usually visible within 2-3 weeks (after 3 – 4 treatments) with further results occurring up to three months following treatment.  

Recommended treatments vary depending on individual goals. 

During your consultation our experienced technicians will asses your current condition and discuss your goals. We will also set proper expectations about the number of treatments required and anticipated results.

We can then design a package to best achieve the results you are after.  

Our consultations are free.  There is no obligation and no pressured sales, ever. 

Still have questions on accoustic shockwave for cellulite reduction?

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