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Alpha Spa System 

The luxurious environment provided by the Alpha Spa System enhances the effectiveness of a wide variety of spa treatments including weight loss/slimming body, toning, body sculpting, and relaxation.

The massage benefits combine a dry heat sauna, vibratory massage, aromatics, audio system and more into one machine to embody perfection in a controlled environment.


The massage gift you give to yourself soothes, stimulates and conditions all of the human senses simultaneously for the ultimate in sleep help, health, beauty and relaxation. While wearing comfortable loose clothing, under garments or all natural, the capsule encloses you up to your neck in the ergonomically contoured bed where you then get bathed in flowing gentle air.


After a few minutes your body starts to experience the relaxation you get from the vibratory massage and the deep back and thigh heat from the pads that help to soothe and relieve muscle aches and pains.



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